I don't think it's any shock that one of my most popular posts of all time is a hair dye review, a Colour freedom review to be exact, that shade however was in Silver grey which you can find below, if you're interested in that colour too!

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But seeing as the amount of success I had with the previous one, I decided to give it another go. I had previously used the graphite grey on my hair, which sent it green. So please be careful, assess your porosity and always always please please do a strand test before putting all over your head!

So my hair was black this summer. But it was killing my hair. I know, you would think it would be the opposite, but I'm naturally quite fair haired anyway. So constantly topping my black hair up was doing more damage than good.

So I made the terrible decision of trying to lighten it. Which ended in a terrible trip to the hairdressers. But hey ho. A few months later, a few bleach baths and some sad looking hair, I finally thought I would be light enough to tone.

I had gone pink to cover up the mess I had created underneath so I had some extreme warm tones going on, which I just couldn't really shift. So I thought this toner would do the trick.

I bought it in silver blonde this time, as the last one in 'graphite grey' sent it green. This is probably because my hair wasn't light enough. (and I didn't do a strand test and ended up with green hair) 

Here was my hair before any toner.

Beautiful I know, but as you can see, there's so much red tone there, I just couldn't get rid of it by bleaching.. I used Bleach london's big pink.. so I have no idea what was in it, but I just couldn't shift it. I've never had any trouble getting out pink shades, so don't use that brand if you plan on getting blonde again easily.

To tone, I tried the Colour freedom silver blonde to see if I would have much success.

I always do a strand test now and test a little piece of hair to see what colour it will turn and also how long to keep it on for.

After finishing the strand test, I was pretty happy with the strand result, so it was time to put it all over!

And this was the finished colour! As you can see it's much much cooler than it was, making it much more of a ashy blonde colour, which I was really happy with! I kept this colour for a month or two before finally bleaching again to go grey. 

It's a hard colour to achieve, so patience is really the key. Also doing strand tests ensures you don't ruin the whole of your hair if it doesn't turn the way you wanted it to. This toner does still contain a small amount of peroxide, so just be aware if your hair is mega damaged like mine :( - keep an eye when developing, as damaged hair can over-process.

I would really recommend this product as I did the last one. Even after having a bad experience with one of their colours, this was because my hair wasn't light enough to be toned. Also I didn't do a strand test.. which is super important when dealing with toners and any other hair dyes.

Hope you enjoyed this review! I will update you guys soon with my current hair dye situation!

Happy and careful hair dying! <3