A lovely follower (@adeersheart) recently reached out to me on Instagram, asking how I get my flat to fit my clean aesthetic and well, while it's obvious that you guys don't see the messy bits.. (bedroom I'm looking at you..

I don't take photos of my flat, without it being neat and tidy.. That said, I've put together a few tips when styling your home, to compliment the clean minimal aesthetic of your dreams! This post is more of how I created my perfect space, it's still a work in progress and I appreciate that this style might not be applicable to everybody, but I hope it inspires you!

Create a mood board

Before you start your dream deco journey, you need to have some sort of aesthetic in mind. What sort's of things do you like, what do you vision for your home to be like - this really helped us when choosing items for our home. Pinterest is your best friend and can give some creative ideas, for storage and little tips around your home.

Look at what you do have

This tip is pretty important, because it's often not going to be achievable if your desired look doesn't fit in with your lifestyle. Look at the items you do have, are they going to look out of place in your vision or could you store these items efficiently? Do you have children, where will their toys go? or you could have lots of sports equipment that might look out of place.. These are all things that need to be thought about before thinking of a minimal aesthetic. This brings me along to the idea of smart storage.

Declutter your life

I found this to be the most beneficial step to even starting a new clean leaf. I completely cleared out my wardrobe, getting rid of anything I don't wear and giving away to charity, friends, or selling on depop. I still do this now, it's good to recycle things you don't use. Clutter means mess and stress, making use of the space for things you will use and want is a good habit to get into, instead of holding on to things using up your valuable space resource!

Smart Storage

The reason we try and keep our home tidy and neat is not just my uncontrollable need to have everything put away, but we invested in some really good storage ideas for our flat. We live in a one bedroom apartment, which isn't the largest place in the world and for two people moving their life possessions in together we needed places to hide that junk we don't want on display. We bought a few things from IKEA, such as the popular square units we use as bookcases - and slot the fabric boxes inside to hide all the junk we don't want people to see. Our sofa has a secret storage compartment underneath and all my excess seasonal wardrobe is also put away in boxes in our only storage cupboard. Being sensible with storage is probably the best tip I have to achieving the clean look you want. If you don't have the space for it, make it creative, use a clothing rail to make your clothes part of your look. Styling your storage that is visible will make a lot of difference to the feel of your home.

(A few smart storage ideas, I love basket's and anything wire)

Take it Slow

It's so tempting to buy loads of things all at once, especially when moving home. There's lots of things we bought at the beginning, that we didn't need, didn't use, or ended up giving away just because we did a huge haul of items before moving in. Start with the essentials, and if you're going for a colour theme, start with neutrals until you decide on a colour palette for your home. I went for a bright yellow accent and ended up changing it because I ended up not liking it. Building furnishings slowly will enable you to perfect your vision.

Ask yourself; does this add value to my home?

One thing I have stopped doing, is buying pointless homeware. Which I used to do, a lot. Which ended up in me having a lot of mismatched items that I actually had nowhere to display, because of the amount of 'decorative' items I had in my space. This ends up in being clutter. I now ask myself 'does this add value to my space?' and 'does it have a place?'

I find that these questions stop being from compulsively buying rubbish that I don't need or will look out of place in my home. Most often the answer is no, saving my wallet and my limited storage space. I now focus on items that I feel are missing or items I feel will add value to my home and lifestyle.

(a few accessories I feel fit my style)

These are the tips I try to stick by to keep my home running with the same look and aesthetic. I love plants too, so I'm growing my home jungle slowly.. but surely. Adding plant stand also helps to create some dimension to styling your home. But I hope that was helpful and would be nice to see if you want to see more of these types of posts!

Thanks for reading as always,