Instagram pods.. sometimes controversial. I've seen bloggers post about how much they hate them, how much of a waste of time they are, including people who don't pay their due's or give the same work in return. Which can be true, everyone is entitled to an opinion about them, but I'm going to share what I've found out by using Instagram pods and how they can benefit not just your analytics.

You don't have to make the same mistakes I did!

Don't join a random one you found online

I started by doing this, I joined a random pod I was invited to, although everyone was so lovely - I'm lucky that I haven't had any bad experiences with any people in pods. But the problem was timezone. Most of them were from Japan, which for timezone was so ridiculous, I always found myself trying to catch up with everyone's posts and they would be sleeping.. or I would be sleeping.

Eventually they wanted to expand the pod, which I wasn't really all that into, so I decided to leave that pod, which brings me to the next tip.

Join a pod you're actually interested in

 My first pod I joined, I joined to learn what it was all about. It seemed an amazing idea, except I wasn't really into everyone's content. Them being in Japan just sort of didn't relate to my Insta whatsoever, so my comments felt fake and boring. I wasn't enjoying it at all.

The pods I'm in now, I absolutely love everyone's content and I find it easy to comment on - it's not false and feels genuine.

Start your own pod

It might actually be worth creating your own pod, if you haven't been invited or can find a suitable pod. My advice is to contact people directly and ask if they're interested! Ask your followers, put it on your story - that way the people you're engaging with are people already interested in the same sort of content as you.

Support each other & make friends

Now I'm in pods I really enjoy, I don't feel as though we're all in it to beat the algorithm. I mean, yes that's what its there for, but it's become a community in itself. We're always messaging with tips and helpful advice and it feels more like a club than a commenting pod. The blogosphere is often cliquey and as a small blogger it can be overwhelming. I feel I have a small slice of blogger community on Instagram and it feels really lovely.

Genuine comments

If you are in a great pod, your comments will be genuine. I can honestly say every comment I make is  genuine and I really enjoy being a part of something and hearing others honest thoughts on my content.

If you're not happy - move on

If you're not happy with your pod, if you're content isn't relevant to everyone else's, the pod grows too big,  you can't keep up, or your comments are feeling too forced, then leave the pod. People will understand, you want a pod that's the same pace, content and timezone.

What's your opinion on Instagram pods? Do you agree with them, or are they a waste of time?

I hope this post was helpful,

Thanks for reading as always,