latte and laptop

Hello friends! I am back and I'm free.

God it feels so good to say that. 

Welcome to my new blog & a fresh me.

The last 4 years of my life have been held back by mental health, by a university that simply didn't fit with my expectations and all the trials and tribulations in-between couldn't stop me, no matter how much I felt like they would. I finally accomplished what I wanted, undoubtedly on my own this time, which was super empowering and makes me feel really good about myself.. pat on the back for me.

I've been held up on the whole blogging front due to university and final major project and all that jazz but I've taken somewhat (another) break from the blogging world. I feel like many of us feel like its changing, but maybe not for the better.. it's nice to step away and assess things from afar sometimes to realise how things are becoming and if it's a positive thing. 

But if anything it's made me super excited to create content. 

I recently started a Sims gaming channel on youtube (yes that's actually a thing) because it's something I enjoy and honestly, I hadn't felt so creative in a long time. It was refreshing and it's nice to have as a side project. I'm hoping it will inspire me to maybe pick up my youtube channel again, but I feel so done with the pressures of being perfect in the blogging world, it's nice to sit behind a computer and hey, not show your perfect makeup face. 

But its inspiring me. And now I have the opportunity to do well, whatever the hell I want to! The freedom to travel and opportunity to create is limitless. Which is also why I moved from blogger, the limits it was placing on me as a creative was frustrating and annoying, so over the last couple of days I've completely revamped my blog and now I have complete control over my content.

So what can you expect from Emily Atelier now?

I want to create more variety. I love writing, but I'm not into beauty posts and fashion posts just leave me scratching my head feeling as though I've created content with little effort (not bashing just how I feel) So I want content with more meaning, more excitement. Actually going out of my way to create and I'm feeling more inspired and motivated than ever.

So thank you for following, it means the world.


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