Hello friends, welcome back to another Florida diaries post, the last couple of days were a little quiet as I went to stay for a night at the Hard Rock Hotel at the Universal resort. It was pretty awesome, but I had literally no time to sleep let alone blog about anything, but I know so many people were interested in Volcano bay as it's a brand new water park in Florida, owned by Universal.

volcano bay front

This is the main view of the park as you come into the park through bag check and tickets, the huge volcano sits in the middle, and it's so breathtaking. The park itself looks new, the plants need to spread out and grow a little bit, but I did find that the park wasn't fully 'ready.' There was still construction things lying around and builders about, which was a little un-nerving, especially when the rides here are super crazy and scary. But it didn't effect my trip in anyway, apart from some small teething problems.

volcano bay

The volcano has a huge wave pool below it, and you can walk through the volcano and explore inside, which I though was a lovely touch and added some exploring to the park. The wave pool is followed by this sandy beach area, which has free seating and loungers to chill out on. 

                                                                                         one of my favourites views of the volcano krakatau

                                                                                       one of my favourites views of the volcano krakatau

One of my favourites of the park was what I liked to call the 'crazy river' it was closed when we arrived as they were cleaning it, which was annoying but once it was up and running again in the afternoon, we had so much fun on it. It's a slow river, but its faster and it has various wave machines throughout with rapids and the current was so strong we actually struggled to get out πŸ˜‚ Which was pretty hilarious. Once the ride was running, it was hilarious.

My favourite ride of all was Konu. Which is the blue slide to the right.. I have never ever been on a ride like this. It's a family raft ride, which seats up to 5 people, however the dip of the drops combined with mist, makes this ride insane. I didn't know where I was going and I was pretty sure we were going to fly off the end πŸ˜‚ If you get the chance to ride this, do it. It's amazing.

While the daily storm was brewing, all water rides at theme parks are cancelled here at Florida, due to the possibility of lightning. So we took this opportunity to go relax in the bar and drink some sassy cocktails. The prices actually weren't that bad. I went for a blue Hawaiian, and although it wasn't blue, it was pretty tasty. 

The storm also cleared the majority of people out of the park, so we pretty much had no wait lines and went straight onto rides that previously were 200 minutes long. Which was so fab. Although the Tapu system (the watches you receive on your wrist) are pretty cool, I do feel as though it doesn't always work, mainly because rides were often delayed due to teething problems, which was super frustrating and meant we couldn't ride everything.

Overall, this was a great park. Once they sort out all the issues, I'm sure it will be one of the best waterparks in Orlando. 

Would you visit this waterpark?

Thanks for reading as always,