Hello friends,

If you've noticed on my social media, I've been talking more about getting busy. And by that I mean I'm back to working full time to keep those dollars flowing, but I've also talked about a side project I've been working on.. and that is to go freelance. I know, I know, it seems like thats the only thing people ever want to do these days, but with a few job rejections under my shoulder, I feel like I need to be productive and decide what it is I want to be doing and maybe I want a break from an office and focus on what I enjoy the most, but in order to do this, I need to know how to make money from it.


I've been looking up to these bloggers for years, who created their own business through their blog and services and for all this time I haven't really realised that I could potentially do the same. I've been blogging for almost 4 years now, and I've always been obsessed with how I can make a business online. However, I've never really done it for my blog. Mainly because I didn't know how, or even where to begin on making money from a blog! There's so many 'how to' posts, it can all become very overwhelming and crazy, most guides are also crazy complicated although really interesting.

So what does this mean for my blog?

For the first time ever, 'Emily Atelier' will be offering advertiser space, I have no idea why I have never done this before, but its a chance to connect and grow as well as help out other bloggers!

I'm also planning an e-book, which is something I've really wanted to do for a long time. I love publications, so to be able to create something I love about a journey that I'm really passionate about, will be super fun and also a bit of a learning curve at the same time. It also means a lot more challenges and self motivation. 

I'm going to finally put my degree to use and offer services specifically for bloggers, which I will elaborate in a later post, as it's a little secret for now. (exciting ay)

social media

My social media will be changing, I'll be looking to regenerate my youtube again, I feel it's such of a waste sitting their not really doing much. The past few months I've been editing and creating a sims 4 gaming channel, which has inspired me and given me more confidence to edit and speak up on camera. I'm super excited for this.

 Instagram will no longer be the main focus of my blog. It's fun, but the stress and up keeping of the platform is disheartening and I'm just not down for you anymore my friend. 😂

Twitter has also been something on my back burner, alongside Pinterest. I'll be looking into growing these platforms, but also expanding my knowledge into pinterest, as its a huge untapped resource of blog views.

side jobs

As I grow, I want to be able to write about my experience of my process, this will be able to be accessed on my newsletter! If you're not signed up already you can in my sidebar!

I've seen a jump in engagement and I also got myself a few jobs, which is super awesome. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to make a living from this, or maybe it will just be another adventure.

If you have any experiences you would love to share, I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment, or send me a tweet/email!

Thanks for reading as always,