walking in florida

Hello friends, welcome to something new on the blog today, one of the first travel posts I've probably ever done! After we finally made it to Florida, the beautiful sunshine state, that I love and waited so long to get to, we're finally back at Disney world and I wanted to share my lovely journey with you and let you know where I've been and what I've been up to.

Being a country girl at heart, I absolutely adore Florida, it's heat, its country music and the best corn you have ever eaten! So after arriving in this beautiful little cul-de-sac, (trust me these buildings are so Instagram worthy I almost cried) ๐Ÿ˜‚ We popped to a restaurant named Chilli's which was so fabulous and country, I ate all the chicken and corn, it was so so good. Shortly after I had a huge food baby, we did a quick food shop and just watched the election results.. how exciting.

IMG_0797 2.JPG

- magic kingdom - 

The first park we visited was Magic Kingdom. No theme park holiday is complete without this park, it's just incredibly nostalgic and full of Disney magic. Although I find it to be quite stressful, due to the sheer amount of people that flock to this place, it is one of the most beautiful of all the Disney parks. Main street USA is the main event of this park, and we headed straight towards the castle! This park was quite stressful as we couldn't actually find any breakfast and we were waiting for our fast passes. One thing I absolutely adored about this park, was all the beautiful flowers and plants surrounding the castle, the gardens are so beautifully curated, just like a fairytale princess land.

                                       Entrance to magic kingdom

                                     Entrance to magic kingdom

                                                magic kingdom, station

                                              magic kingdom, station

My boyfriend, Howard has actually never visited a Disney park before, so this was all very new and exciting for him to experience everything for the first time. The park was however, pretty busy so we didn't get to do the iconic space mountain, but we did get to do pretty much everything else.

My favourite ride is always carousel of progress, a simple turning theatre with a journey through a family and the future. It can be a little boring, but it's my top ride ๐Ÿ˜‚ The food at Disney is also amazing, my favourite was the Mickey mouse pretzels!

                                                                                                      Mickey mouse pretzels at magic kingdom

                                                                                                    Mickey mouse pretzels at magic kingdom

The best pretzel ever! It also comes with this runny cheese and its just so delicious, with all the salt sprinkles. I'm a sucker for american food. This and the all beef hot dog was my top picks at Magic Kingdom. 

After riding the rides and eating my entire body weight in food, of course it wouldn't be complete without the final Magic Kingdom show, an amazing spectacular, which is projected across the entire castle, with amazing fireworks. This was a brand new show which replaced wishes, and is now called happily ever after, it was such a beautiful show although busy, so it was nice to rest and get home after such a long day at the park.

Tomorrow is EPCOT day, I'll be visiting Epcot at Disney world, which is such a lovely relaxed park. Keep updated with my Instagram story to see what I'm doing each day and my Epcot Florida diary will be up tomorrow at 9am GBT.

Thanks for reading as always,