new forest

I've reached that point that all post-grads seem to get to. The dreaded limbo phase. That's where I'm at right now, which is weird because I was sure I had my life figured out. Graduation didn't really mean anything to me, it was just the end of a difficult journey I had been on. 

But truth is, it's sort of scary. 

Most people leave to go back home after university, but I'm choosing to stay here, mainly because I love Bournemouth, but I can't help but think, hey what if I moved back home to Birmingham? And I don't really have a plan as such, it's just more of a lets wing it and see what happens phase - because thats all I really can do right now.

Leaving university means that I actually sort of have to act like an adult now. I'm a real grown up, at 23.. (send help) but I look back at where I started my university journey and see how far I've come and what I've achieved and actually I sort of really am an adult. 

This also led to the knowing that the life I left behind has actually disappeared now, which is also pretty terrifying.

But one thing that it is pushing me to do, is take more care into my blogging and freelance work. I come home ready to sit down and write that blog post - or work on getting my new clients, I'm taking more consideration on my Instagram, and overall I just have more energy to push for the success that I desire.


I look around and see people my age getting married, having children and buying houses.. but I want to travel, rent and possibly maybe get a puppy. But I think we have misconceptions on what being an adult actually is. Sure I might not be able to take care of another being - but I just about manage to pay my bills and rent. So what really defines an adult in terms of lifestyle?

I think we all beat ourselves up more than we need to. I can't see myself changing my lifestyle any time soon, so I'll just stay a kid a little bit longer..