life update & some news!


Hello friends if you are indeed still here. I've had a little blog revamp and I'm absolutely lovin' it! Yep, it's been a hella long time, I've only posted once this year, which is a pretty crazy thought. So where the flip have I been..

Well, I had a lot of thinking to do. From my previous posts you can see that I was really not happy with my online presence, the pressures of social media and just the general blogging atmosphere online, the competitive-ness, the struggle of the perfect instagram account and the constant feeling of not being good enough. I lost my passion for blogging, for writing and for creating content. It became a chore and so I looked to other ways in curing my creative buzz.

I started a Sims channel & simblr, some people might find dumb but I just wanted to share something I loved with likeminded people. It took a while, but I realised that was where my blog began. Away from the pressures of being a blogger and being in the spotlight, I found an outlet where I could just be me and not worry about my image or being judged.

It's been a crazy amount of time though, I've been away to Amsterdam in February for my birthday, I've been bloody working my arse off on the beach this summer, Hen do's and weddings and I'm super happy to announce that we're relocating to Manchester! I've handed in my notice, our flat is going to be so empty and sad.. Its a super exciting time, but also mega stressful!

I've been a graduate for almost a year now (post coming on that soon!) but it's nuts to think about how much and how little I've actually done in this time - depending how you look at it of course.

My life is pretty hectic at the minute, but I'm using this mad crazy ride I'm on to put energy into things I actually care about. I'm feeling refreshed, free from the weird blogger standard I gave myself and now it's just time to enjoy the ride.

Super excited, I'm sure there will be more to come soon!

Just keeping you in the loop whilst I get some sort of schedule and life plan going! πŸ˜‚ let me know if there's any tips you have for moving, or some recommendations for Manchester in the comments!

peace xo