Everywhere I look nowadays, everyone has an opinion about the state of the blogging industry, and the rise of Instagram and its increase in online influencers. Everyone is battling for a slice of the pie, who wouldn't? But it's getting more and more common for people to slide away from blogging as they become more disheartened by figures and statistics - and feeling as though their content isn't good enough, isn't being seen and this combined is creating a negative feel to the blogging industry.

But if we go back to how it all started it's clear to see that we're all losing sight of why blogging even started the first place.

I started this blog around 4 years ago now. Which is a long time to be blogging. I don't have the amount of followers or engagement, or opportunities that other bloggers have had. I was writing my new media kit the other day thinking 'what have I actually accomplished in these 4 years' but it doesn't actually matter how long you've been blogging for. What counts is the content you create and the consistency of the content.

We've all been guilty of taking our fair share of blogging breaks. I know I have. There was a time where I completely lost control of my blogging life, all because I was fed up, mainly for the same reasons that is common in the blogosphere now. So what makes the big boys so special? Their consistent content.

The truth is, it doesn't really matter about the quality of your photographs, the analytics, the techniques we make. It all comes down to creating great quality content, and that's when the people will come.

Blogging started as a small thing on the internet, us people would write about our thoughts, our opinions, product reviews to share with people like us, to connect and to talk about the things on our minds. And there's reason why the blogging industry grew so big, when our photos weren't out of a magazine and we weren't instagram models.

So we need to take it back to basics. Stop worrying about the numbers, and be proud of the content we create.