Hello Friends!

Today I'm sharing with you the must have mobile applications for bloggers. As a blogger for over 4 years, I've used a huge amount of apps designed for bloggers and influencers - and I've used a lot of rubbish ones too. So as a blogger in 2017, here are my most favourite and frequently used apps on my iPhone, the ones I just couldn't see myself living without. Not including social media applications.


Unfortunately, Iconosquare (previously statigram) isn't a free service, which is probably why it's so good. But if you're obsessed with your Instagram, and fed up with the analytics that a business account provides, Iconosquare is 100% worth the subscription. For Β£7 a month, it gives you highly detailed analytics of your account, such as how well your hashtags perform, your best times to post, even identify the most influential people within a hashtag. If you can afford it, it's a hella amazing app.


If you haven't heard of VSCO, then are you even a blogger? Probably the most used app in the blogosphere, it's filters are amazing and they turn your photos from lame to game-changer. I love VSCO for its functionality and simple usability. It helps keep my blog photographs and my Instagram, have a consistency to them, by using the same style of filters.


Some people like to use other scheduling platforms, but for me, buffer is by far my favourite. It's totally free to use, but you can upgrade if you need more posts or platforms to schedule on. Buffer allows me to schedule all my social media channels, it's amazing interface makes my life so much easier, online and on mobile. Their online website is also super efficient and easy too. A match made in heaven.

squarespace analytics/blogger

If you're not on Squarespace, then these apps are probably of no use to you.. But seriously, if you're considering moving, then do it. I love the flexibility that Squarespace gives me with design, but their blog apps are so so amazing. Their blogger application on mobile is so smooth and makes blogging on the go a walk in the park. They also offer an analytics app, straight on your phone with easy, fast usability. So you can check your analytics in real time. Freakin' awesome.


Ah tailwind, I'm so glad I found you. If you're thinking of tapping into the amazing traffic resource of Pinterest, then tailwind is your fairy godmother. I'm still learning how it all works as Pinterest is so very new to me in terms of marketing my blog, but it's essentially a scheduler for pinterest, keeping you activeconstantly creating traffic for your blog and bringing in new readers, all from a pin. I think its the start of an amazing relationship.


ah, my favourite. Ever wondered how I get my photos that beautiful crisp white colour? This my friend is my secret. It's whitening tool, literally saves my photos. I love to use this on my lifestyle and home shots, to even out my white home and make it look the best it can be. Sure you could do this on photoshop - but it takes 2 minutes on your iPhone. If you're into that sort of thing, its a great app.


I love me some Evernote. If you're a super blogger on the go, that just has to note down that blog idea, then evernote is perfect for you. It's an application that basically stores notes, sounds boring right? But it's perfect for those jot down moments, plus the fact that it syncs with all of your devices. So wherever you are, whatever you're on, you can store that eureka moment!


Fancy making some money? These apps are perfect for earning that little bit of extra dollar. Blogging doesn't come cheap, with URL's to pay for, photo props and web hosting, it can be an expensive hobby. These apps are amazing for getting collaborations and campaigns that fit your style and your blog. Sure, sometimes it can be a little while before anything comes up that tickles your fancy and fits your style, but its perfect for those who love working with brands.


Give them a try and let me know what you think, they all contribute to making my life easier in some way as a blogger. I'm curious to know what apps you guys love to use too - what are some of your favourites?