What it means to be a blogger in 2017


Recently, if you can tell, I've been really struggling as a blogger. 

I'm finding it hard to sort of relate and put on this 'blogger' image that everyone seems to have in 2017. I mean, blogging is big now, social media is huge - so everyone is battling for that perfect, picturesque vibe that is just so lusted after. But it's not the truth.

Creatively I'm feeling stumped. Stuck at this crossroads where I'm tired of making perfect clean flatlays, with fairy lights and crisp clean white walls. Do I really care about what it is that I should write, or should I be writing about the things that really matter?  In turn, it makes me not want to blog - I mean who looks forward to creating the same laptop flatlay with a couple of pens in it? I feel like I'm losing my creative ooft as a blogger in 2017. And I think that a lot of people are probably feeling the same way.

I think Instagram has a lot to do with it, since when having the perfect instagram theme been looked upon as 'omg your feed is so goals'?  - But is the 'perfect feed', worth those hours of editing and trying to find the right shot and setting up in your bedroom those mac lipsticks at a certain angle? and as I'm writing this I'm thinking okay sure, if that's what someone wants to do and enjoys doing but I feel like I'm just not living.

I've become a slave to the internet. Instead of taking pictures of moments and making them special by sharing online, I'm actually in fact creating moments to make them online. And that's not why I started to be a blogger.

So it's time to go back to basics for the rest of the year. I feel that my blog needs to be a reflection of me, to write the content that I enjoy writing, without having some label or niche, or a life that people desire. Because that life doesn't exist and most of the time its photoshopped anyway (lol the shade

I'm starting with inspiration, because that's what really gets me pumped. I want to be and feel inspired. And that's what's lacking in my life and I think it's what's missing in a lot of other bloggers like me too. We just need to get outside, stop looking down at our marble backgrounds and as a lifestyle blogger maybe start being inspired by life?

Go outside, take long walks, take photographs, listen to music, go for a run, drink coffee, read more books, go for adventures, film them, document them.

And honestly? It's been a long time since I've done any of those things. 

So what will it mean to me being a blogger in 2017? 

I will be inspired. I hope I could inspire some of you too.